Friday, April 9, 2010

My Family Life

Generally, I have a father, mother and younger sister. Seems quite a few, only 4 of us actually. We live happily everyday even though sometimes quarrel may exist. Each and everyone of us has our own extraordinary characteristics, which then makes my Family Life more interesting~

My father, he is a businessman, always packed with a pile of tasks and of course is quite stressful. He uses a lot of energy everyday to carry heavy objects, makes him looks so thin and weak. But in fact, 'practice makes perfect', my father has a muscular body, with muscles that cannot be penetrated even by bullets, haha, just a joke of course. When I was small, I tend to irritate my father, and I always bit by him.Ya, undoubtedly he is strict. However, when it comes to free time, his attitude changes 360 degrees, transforming from a strict and stern person to someone who is kind and lovely. He makes joke, shares his 'ridiculous' dream, etc. One thing I really appreciate is that, my father is the only one who was english-educated, yet he tries hard to communicate with us by learning Mandarin. Now, he can even use idioms! Even though sometimes his slang is a bit weird, but he learns, he really learns. This is the study attitude that I should follow as this will help me to improve my study. Good Attitude brings Good Academic Results! Besides being funny, my father also shows a great interest in music. Being inspired by my younger sister, my father starts to create musics. He spends time to play the keyboard, jotting down the music symbols, then it comes out with a new melody, a melody that makes people feel his determination in creating new songs~. Yeah, that's all about my father, quite an interesting one.

Now, it's my mum's turn. Mother,someone whom all individuals respect, someone who gives birth to us, someone who takes care of us, endless adjectives and phrases to describe such an important person in everyone's life. If I am good in writing, I will create a poem, specifically for my Mother. My mother is a strict woman which I think is the same for everyone.Yeah, I agree she is strict and sometimes may feel frustrated of that, but it;s the natural instinct of a mother to take care her children by using anyway she likes, and of course many choose to scold their children~haha, please forgive me mum XD. My mother always encourage me to work hard so that I can achieve my goal and be successful in my life. She will constantly remind me that Effort and Determination are the Key to Step on the path towards Success.That's why she wants me to study hard, after successfully achieved one goal, work harder to strike the next target. So , it;s an ongoing process~ Thank you my mum for being so supportive in my academics^^

Alright, I think I do not have so much time to update my blog, haha, will have to leave the section about my sister first~ Please leave some comments, about my family~ Hopefully I can share my family's life through this piece of writing!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is Life ?

Life is like looking into a kaleidoscope, a particular pattern is formed and another follows, and perhaps nicer than the one before. As an analogy, life has almost the same characteristic with a kaleidoscope. Life's as flicker as the weather.Things around us change every minute every second, which we can't even predict them.

Venturing through life, we find that we have to overcome countless hurdles and disappointments.It hurts and may even shatter our spirit. However, just imagine if you can live peacefully for each single day, will you feel interesting about life? Isn't it boring and monotonous? Thus, difficulties in life is specifically arranged by the God, to make our life more interesting and challenging and meaningful.Problems are waiting for us to solve, successfully solved one, means you are one step beyond towards success,reaching the climax in our life.

After coming across with some difficulties during the secondary school life, slowly I begin to understand the meaning of life~ Life is about how we overcome problems and proceed to the next and finally towards success!

I am really new to blog. I wish to start up my blog with a general understanding of what we claim as life. As blog is just alike as our diary, so I wish I can share my life experiences to all my friends. KEEP IN TOUCH THROUGH MY BLOG !